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The Astrology software available here is an extension of the Swiss Ephemeris product provided by Astrodienst AG Zuerich. See http://www.astro.ch/swisseph for more information.  The Swiss Ephemeris was converted from C to Java by Thomas Mack.  See http://th-mack.de/international/download for the Java code, support references and documentation.  Under the Swiss Ephemeris Public License (SEPL), the Swiss Ephemeris is made available with complete source code to programmers free of charge.  This license (SEPL) also applies to both the Java port and the astrology software provided here.

These astrology tools provide a visual interface to the Swiss Ephemeris API.  The project was developed using the NetBeans IDE, and will therefore include additional support files created by that product (See http://www.netbeans.org/).  Since the original C API was developed as a stand-alone application, some changes were made in order to expose the functionality of the application to the applets, servlets and JSP pages.  Due to this, it is recommended that the readme.txt file be analyzed appropriately.

The code structure for this product follows::

  • The Swiss Ephemeris Java application was first built.  The code was segmented into 3 packages in order to organize the functionality.

    • The swisseph package contains the Swiss Ephemeris API along with a main driver file that contains additional hooks necessary to communicate with the GUI.
    • The astro package contains the support classes used to manage data and to handle database activity.
    • The astroapp package contains the application GUI (or applet if you make slight changes).

  • Once the Swiss Ephemeris application was working, a new feature was added to the product to allow latitude and longitude lookup from a ZipCode database (I am using the commercial product from zipcodedownload.com).  Following this upgrade, another feature was added to load and store users.  Once all of the individuals information was input into the form fields, that data can be stored and retrieved later.  Next I converted the Java application to an applet.  However, since the Swiss Ephemeris applet contains the main data processing functionality, it has to read the Ephemeris data using a URL to the website, and the response times are quite inadequate.  In addition, since the applet cannot directly access the database on the server, the ZipCode lookup feature and the user load/store features are not available.  For these reasons, I removed the Swiss Ephemeris applet from the system and created the Astrology Applet (below).

  • Once the Swiss Ephemeris applet was working, the functionality was split into two pieces; the Astrology Applet and the AstroAppConnect servlet.  In this, the servlet handles all data lookup, either from the database or from the Swiss Ephemeris data files.  The applet and servlet communicate using HTTP.  Since the Astrology Applet is connecting directly to the server files, the access times for this tool are quite adequate. 

  • To round out the application architecture, a JSP-Java servlet application was developed.  The Astrology Servlet handles the same functionality as the AstroAppConnect servlet, except that the formatting of results is different.  The JSP page provides the form fields needed to represent all of the functionality of the original project.

  • The code files that make up this application are free to use by anybody as long as they abide by the Swiss Ephemeris Public License, and do not violate any laws.

Only the latest version of this code is being maintained!

The software published here is free for use as long as it does not violate any laws. The Swiss Ephemeris Public License applies to this software as well.

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