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Project Types:

Custom Software Solutions:

VR Studios offers custom software solutions to both businesses and individuals.  The full range of software development tasks are offered including design, implementation, deployment, testing and maintenance.  Whether it be a large-scale enterprise application or a small website that needs to be developed, no project is too large or too small. 


Web Based Solutions:

Server Side Programming:


Use of the Apache web server and mod_perl provides a great environment for custom web-based solutions.  Installing standard CPAN modules on my VPS is a simple maintenance step that allows access to the full potential functionality of Perl as provided by the developer community.


Java servlets and JSP pages are integrated into applications as the need arises.  Using the Tomcat servlet container, Java performs and scales extremely well even as the application size and complexity increases.


With the Apache web server and mod_php, server-side scripting could never be easier.  Though I have found Perl to scale better than PHP, using object-oriented PHP5 is a perfect solution for websites that are small in size and complexity. 

Client Side Programming:


Flash ActionScript is our preferred client side scripting language in a number of cases.  Along with provideing an extremely rich client experience, ActionScript supports an object model that integrates seemlessly with server-side technologies.  As a result, we are able to build desktop applications that can be run in a web-based environment.  These applications would otherwise need to be coded spcifically for the target operating system.  As a result, the maintenance cost of the per/OS solution is eliminated, as is the cost of deployment.


JavaScript is used to leverage the power of the browser while providing a rich interactive user experience.  With JavaScript, security is always an issue so great care is taken to ensure that the data being displayed has been properly sanitized.  With the ability to handle and respond to events, and to asynchronously pull data from the server, JavaScript is a key component to many business solutions.


Web Hosting Solutions:

Stay Tuned:  Web hosting will soon be available through VR Studios!

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