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Data Migration - Often company data exists in a number of formats, spread out amongst an assortment of internal production processes.  One of the goals of VR Studios is to compile this company data in such a way as to make it visible to a broader group of internal departments.  VR Studios excels in the migration of data from one form into another.  Typically the end result of data migration is to make it available in a database, which in turn can be made visible in a number of ways, both internally and externally.

Database Design - Company data may reside in a number of forms including databases, data files, spreadsheets and documents. At VR Studios, we are experienced in developing the data model which best suits company needs. By compiling the data into database tables, management of the data is optimized while data security is increased.

Integration of existing company data into database tables is often a huge expense. At VR Studios, we often build code modules which retrieve existing data, formatting it to fit into the new data model. In this way, we reduce the cost of populating the database without compensating the integrity of the data.

To manage the company data, interface routines are often built to provide a means whereby administrators have privileges to make data modifications, while another set of interfaces will profile the data for more general viewing.

Data Visibility - When viewing company data is necessary, VR Studios provides different solutions based on company needs. When deployment over the web is the best solution, we build software to retrieve the content from the company database, modifying template HTML files as needed to generate the desired web.

When data needs to be made available to in house software products, we work with the existing software by building objects which access the data. Often, the existing product architecture provides a means of linking to system objects through a general interface. If so, we build objects with the required interfaces, accessing the data and making it available to the existing application.

Systems Analysis - Sensitive data needs to be managed in a very secure way, where only a few key administrators will have access.  Based on the systems analysis, access routines will be developed such that ownership of the data will be clearly defined. Special logons will be made for key individuals, and data can be managed either through the Intranet or the Internet.

The systems analysis document will further define the scope and visibility of company data to both the internal organization, and to the general public if needed.  All constraints to be applied to the company data will be de determined during this systems analysis phase, and the resulting document will become the blueprint for the data management procedures developed for the project.

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