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System Architecture - Let VR Studios design the architecture for your large or small scale software system. Based on object orientated design techniques, we develop the product architecture in a two tier model.

System level objects provide low level access to system facilities such as databases, as well as providing low level functionality necessary for the application software. ActiveX controls are sometimes built to handle processing needs for the application interfaces, reducing the complexity and cost of application software development.

Application objects are developed to generate the final product. Using the system level objects and the architecture design guidelines, application software developers can work together to develop very large scale products, minimizing duplication of code, while providing a solid platform for product debugging.
Product Debugging - At VR Studios, we specialize in cleaning up where other product developers have left off. Many times a software solution will be provided to a company, which at time of delivery, appears to operate properly. However, after actual use in the user community, quirks in the software or system limitations are often discovered.

At this point you have the choice of returning to the software provider for support in handling the newly discovered limitations, or turning to VR Studios to clean up the mess. Often, the product architecture is designed in a way that minimizes scaleability, offering a poor platform from which to grow your product. With years of experience in designing system architecture, we can provide a low cost solution to rebuilding your product, designing clear boundaries between system and application objects.
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