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Internet - Let VR Studios design the architecture for your company web site. We have years of experience building large or small scale webs, providing an intuitive interface for access to your company products or services.

We build dynamic HTML sites using a combination of client side and server side code, including HTML, css, JavaScript, VBScript, asp, php and Perl. We have experience working with SQL, mySQL, and the file system through server side code, providing a means of generating a portion (or all) of the web on the fly. We do this by building template HTML files which contain the layout of the desired web, replacing known keywords embedded in the code with database content. By changing design of the template HTML file, the whole product will reflect the change immediately.
Intranet - At VR Studios, we have proven to be a leader in generating company intranets. Required HR practices and procedures can be integrated into the web, providing an easy access for employees to obtain vital company information.

In addition, when employee knowledge of company policies is critical, we can build computer based training (CBT) software to guide them through the content. We keeping track of employee progress through a series of tests, providing a fast path (just give me the test), and a remedial path (after failing a segment test). In either case, when finished, the employee will prove the understanding of the information.

Since the intranet resides behind company firewalls, vital information can be displayed via the web while not compensating data security.
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